Our customers couldn't be happier.  Sometimes it seems like they love our farm more than we do!

I am an adult lesson student who has been riding at Fallowfield for the better part of a year. Starting lessons again as an adult and choosing Fallowfield has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made for myself. Some people seek “me time” at the spa, but making friends with a thousand pound four-legged teacher is, in my opinion, a much better way to treat yourself. My time at Fallowfield gives me a much-needed release from the pressures of a demanding career and daily life. Whether I am riding outdoors, breathing the fresh clean air in this beautiful setting, or enjoying the comfortable and spacious indoor arena, my time with the patient and high quality horses and highly knowledgable, encouraging instructors does a world of good for the health of my body, mind and spirit. Riding can be challenging or even intimidating, especially for an adult beginner or “re-beginner” like myself, but if you’ve ever considered trying it, find your way to Fallowfield; it’s an excellent place to learn about horses, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process as well!
— Rachel
My experience with Fallowfield Stables has been nothing short of amazing! My daughter started lessons a little over a year ago. She was afraid to trot. Olivia, the instructor there, saw her slight fear but also saw her potential when she doubted herself. She is now a member of the MON VALLEY EQUESTRIAN TEAM, cantering and jumping and has so much confidence on all different horses. I can also say that the team is made up of the nicest people. They are truly a horse family that I am proud to be a part of. Olivia and Sue make the team about letting the girls and boys have fun, be safe, and just enjoy the ride! My six year old son also takes lesson. This seems like it would be quite a task, but Olivia makes it look like a piece of cake. Her patience is rule amazing.. With four six year old in the class. She also has them cantering and jumping small jumps. My son LOVES IT and LOVES HER! because we have a horse ourselves, I even took a months worth of lessons as a birthday present do get some pointers from Olivia. Anyone can learn new things from her. So if there is anyone out there looking to learn about horses and ride or join the equestrian team, THIS IS THE PLACE!!!! NO DOUBT. :)
— Jamie
My daughter Nicole started riding there about 9 months ago. Olivia and her staff are the most kind hearted and patient people . They truly put their heart and soul into the the lessons , riders, and stables. She teaches them more than riding and horse care .... They learn how to be proud and confident , they learn how to be great team members, and most importantly great riders. They encourage and challenge all of the riders in a positive environment. Olivia is a great role model for our children . She is their mentor and their friend .
Fallowfield Stables and Olivia are truly one of a kind. They are a great facility that I highly recommend .
— Gianna
Fallowfield Stables is THE BEST!!!! The staff provide you the wisdom and knowledge gained from their experience. When we first arrived with “Gatsby” in August 2014, there was some concern with how much he was underweight. Results of his treatment at a previous barn that I will not name. He was about 200 pounds under target weight by Olivias’ estimation. They wanted and needed to put weight back on quickly because cold weather was right around the corner. Well, they succeeded and surpassed all expectations in short order, essentially saving his life. By the way, given that he is a “Senior”, his weight was not the only issue that needed to be addressed. Again, with Olivia, the Vet and the Farrier all working together, Gatsby was “put together again”. We are forever and abundantly grateful to Olivia, Sue and the entire Fallowfield Stables staff/family.
— Aimee and Larry
There are not enough words for me to express the gratitude I have for Fallowfield Stables! They are completely Amazing!! I own horses & know how to ride, but that is the extent of my knowledge. I don’t know all of the correct & proper ways to ride. So, I wanted to get my girls lessons so they would know the proper way. Before I found Fallowfield I had someone come to my farm and help the girls with riding, in my mind I was thinking I would rather have the girls learn on our horses and know how to handle them because this is who they would be riding. Then we found Fallowfield, I wasn’t sure about the girls riding other horses, but we tried it. Then the more I read up on the Equestrian team & watched Olivia, I realized she is teaching & preparing my girls to handle many different types of horse personalities. They will know how to handle the horse not depend on what the horse knows. This is something they will use & carry with them the rest of their lives. Olivia has an amazing gift of reading riders knowing where they need extra help & when they are ready to be encouraged & pushed to go to the next level. Olivia & Sue truly have a love for horses and love sharing their knowledge with the riders. Every riders safety & self esteem is important to them. I have 1 daughter who is strong willed & moody and 1 daughter who is silly and nervous at times - she works with both of them, encourages them, pushes them & meets them right where they are the way that their personalities need to be handled. They work hard, teach and train the riders but play fun learning games that make it completely enjoyable to the riders. And I can’t say enough about the summer camp, my oldest daughter went to all 3 week long camps last summer & my youngest went to 2 week long camps. They loved every minute of it, they never complained they were tired & didn’t want to go. They looked forward to it everyday!! They learned so much & had a great time doing it! I highly recommend Fallowfield stables to anyone interested in riding!
— Shannon
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