Our school horses wear many hats.  They're our greatest teachers.  They're champions in the show ring.  Most importantly, they're our best friends. 



Kat ("Katrina") is a Dutch Warmblood/Paint mare that came to our farm as a weanling.  She's always in demand for IEA and IHSA shows in our region and is very competitive on our local circuit.  When she's not showing riders how to earn blue ribbons, Kat spends her time teaching young riders how to canter their first jumps, eating Lil' Debbies and trying to give chestnut mares a good name.

Noah ("Land Ho!") is an Oldenburg gelding.  Although he requires a sensitive ride, students love Noah's smooth, rhythmic canter and easy jump.  A familiar face at IEA, IHSA and local circuit shows, Noah's stylish way of going make him hard to beat.  Recently, Noah attended a Bernie Traurig clinic where he and his rider hung with the big boys in the Big Eq group.  When he's not putting the other school horses to shame, Noah enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend Kiki and his best friend Dingo. 


True ("So True") is a bay Appaloosa mare.  Known for her docile nature, True is our go-to horse for teaching riders to walk, trot and canter.  She's earned year end Championfor riders and Walk/Trot and Canter Crossrails numerous times.  Probably one of the sweetest mares you'll ever meet, True puts on her game face when playing broom polo and has been known to bite other horses to keep them away from the ball.  True loves getting turned out with her best friends and eating pretty much everything in sight.


Rita ("Rita Heyworth") is a 16 year old Appendix Quarter Horse mare.  Tall and big bodied, Rita's calm, easy way of going has taught many riders that size matters not.  Although a red-headed mare, Rita lacks any of the usual spitfire associated with her coat color.  Rita was born at Virginia Tech and travelled North two years ago to join our school horse clan.  When she's not bebopping around the ring in a riding lesson, Rita is often on her way to a horse show.  Her bombproof nature is very apparent in the show ring and she's a frequent winner in the hunters, equitation and at IHSA shows.

Baloo ("Bare Necessities") is a 16.2h, 10 year old Hanoverian gelding and our resident equine model.  After trying his hand at dressage and eventing, Baloo decided hunters was more of his forte and came to Fallowfield to give it a try.  A beautiful mover and jumper, Baloo was always destined for greatness.  But it wasn't until he started modeling for Big Dees Saddlery that Baloo achieved horse catalog fame.  Although he's special, he hasn't let his diva status go to his head.  Baloo still carries riders young and old around small courses and shows off his auto changes.  Baloo's hunter career is set to enter the show ring this Spring and we're sure they'll be a lot of blue ribbons in his future.

Goose ("Duck, Duck, Goose") is a 4 year old Paint mare.  Wise beyond her years, Goose is a very special young horse.  Her smooth, slow movement is ideal for teaching new riders the ropes.  Goose likes to spend her spare time with her best friend, Moo-Moo the cow.


Dingo ("Pillow Fight") is a Welsh Pony gelding that came to our farm by way of a slaughter auction.  Although his picture seems to show otherwise, Dingo is not a Paint, but a grey and white pinto.  Known for his big personality, Dingo is a favorite of many of our young riders.  In addition to jumping huge fences, Dingo's hobbies include being virtually unbeatable at broom polo and eating his favorite treat: bananas.

Joker ("Just Foolin' Aroan") is Quarter Horse gelding.  Joker is one of the most versatile horses in our program.  He can teach our youngest riders how to canter, jump around with the older riders in horse shows and teach our college students how to post the trot.  He came to Fallowfield scraggly looking and mostly unbroken, but he has become one of our most dependable lesson horses.  Although he has a well-known dislike for girth tightening, he has a gentle soul and is best friends with Gatsby, our 37 year old retiree.

Quixote ("Don Quixote") started out his life as a working cow horse in Oklahoma.  After finding himself in a tractor trailer load of horses headed East, he wisely decided it was time for a career change.  It took several owners, but eventually Quixote found us and he'll have a home at Fallowfield until the end of his days.  Quixote has taught riders the in-and-outs of the Children's Jumpers through the Long Stirrup equitation.  At 25 years old, he's keeping fit by teaching many of our advanced beginners how to canter and jump.  Some might say he's gotten crotchety in his old age, but we feel pretty happy he's still got so much attitude.  When he's not teaching riders how to chase a horse around the mounting block, Quixote enjoys eating Stud Muffins and banging a hoof on his door so someone brings him hay.

Sarris ("Davric Eye Candy") is our resident princess.  The only pony to get her own photo shoot upon arrival at the farm, Sarris is a diva and likes everyone to know it.  Sarris' favorite thing to do is horse show and although she sometimes isn't up for practicing at home, she's known for her extremely smooth gaits and her super cute jump.  When there aren't any hunter shows to go to, Sarris masquerades as a Western gaming pony and likes to show the Quarter Horses that Welsh Ponies are the fastest things in the rodeo pen.  Sarris also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Marco and eating anything that resembles a cookie.

Pinkie ("Pinkie Swear") is a 14 year old Welsh pony mare.  About as wide as she is tall, Pinkie frequently earns questions about when she's going to foal.  In spite of these unfortunate comments about her figure, Pinkie still works hard teaching our tiniest riders.  At only 10.2 hands, Pinkie might not look like a big horse, but in her mind she's an 18 hand warmblood.  Although she loves to canter and jump, but she's especially talented at broom polo.  Her short stature lends itself to quick turns  as the ball doesn't get stuck under her belly, she's normally on the winning team.  Pinkie spends most of her time with Jasmine, our Shetland Pony.  She will eat pretty much anything, but because of her weight problem, she's limited to one treat a day.

Heidi ("Bear Hug") is a 13 year old Percheron/Thoroughbred mare.  She is one of the cornerstones of the lesson program at Fallowfield.  Despite her size, Heidi frequently teaches young, timid or special needs riders the ins and outs of riding.  At the same time, she is often called upon to teach more advanced riders about jumping and is a frequent winner in the show ring in any company.  What most people can't believe about Heidi is that she is naturally very shy and takes a while to warm up to people. These shy tendencies landed her a spot at Fallowfield eight years ago and she's earned a place in our hearts for life. 

Marquee ("Up in Lights") is a 14 year old Paint/Thoroughbred gelding.  Marquee came to Fallowfield many years ago as a first horse for one of our young riders.  With her, he found success as a hunter, jumper, eventer and all around good guy.  Now we're lucky enough to add him to our lesson program and we hope many riders can continue to learn from his experience.