10 Reasons to Take Lessons at Fallowfield:

  1. Broom Polo

  2. Grassy Flat

  3. "Perfect!"

  4. Truth or Dare

  5. Jail Break

  6. "Do you want me to take your stirrups away for a year?"

  7. Snow Trail Rides

  8. Emergency Dismounts

  9. "How many points of contact for 2-Point position?"

  10. Matching your polo wraps to your saddle pad and your shirt = victory achieved


Our lessons are designed to help you become a safe and skilled horseback rider.  We offer a very structured program and riders are expected to meet specific goals before they can advance to the next level.  In addition to time in the saddle, students are expected to learn how to groom, tack-up, and eventually fully care for the horse they ride.  Although competition is a part of our program, many of our students just ride for fun.  Additionally, we offer adult only group lessons.  Lessons for all ages are usually a mix of establishing a good base of position and fun exercises to encourage feel and understanding of your mount.  We have a very large school horse pool, which gives us the opportunity to match riders of most every level with a suitable horse. 

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are a great way to work on your skills in a one-on-one setting.  Whether in 30 minute or 60 minute lessons, riders have the opportunity to ride in private lessons most days of the week.  All riders with limited experience must start out in 30 minute private lessons.  Once they're able successfully steer, stop and go on their own at the walk and trot, they can move to a group lesson or stay in private lessons indefinitely.   Private 30 minutes lessons are $40 and hour private lessons are $80.  To purchase a single half hour lesson, click here. We also offer a private lesson package at a discounted rate.  You'll receive 5 lessons for $35 per lesson.  Lesson packages must be used within the month of their purchase (exception = gift certificates) and there are plenty of opportunities to make up lessons if you miss a lesson.   To purchase a private lesson package click here.


Group Lessons:

Group Lessons are one hour long and consist of 2-5 riders.  We group riders by age and skill level, so it's easy to make friends while you learn to ride.  Group lessons are scheduled nearly every day of the week, so there's a lot of options when it comes to fitting your schedule.  A single group lesson is priced at $35, or you can buy a package of 5 lessons for $150.  Lessons can be purchased with a credit card by clicking here. 

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